Thumbs up for new P13 Bus service

Dulwich residents who regularly use the P13 bus service will now receive a better service.

Councillor Lewis Robinson, a regular user of the P13 bus, raised concerns about the erratic 20 minute service last year with Transport for London (TfL), and following a survey had the backing of over a hundred Dulwich residents calling on Transport for London to improve the frequency of the popular local bus.

The P13 is the only bus service which provides a direct link to and from East Dulwich to West Dulwich, and is used by many local residents to make their weekly shopping trips to East Dulwich Sainsburys and daily commutes to West Dulwich train station.  Due to its popularity, Lewis had called on TfL to increase the frequency of the service, and they have confirmed that as of 22nd March they will now do so.

The frequency of the bus service will increase from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes, and from once every half an hour to every 20 minutes on all evenings and Sundays during shopping hours.

Cllr Lewis Robinson said: “I am delighted to hear that Transport for London have listened to my call for a more frequent P13 bus service.  This will make a huge difference to the journeys of local shoppers, commuters and teenagers travelling in the local Dulwich area and I am delighted they have listened to local residents views who use the service”.