Conservatives deliver Council Tax Freeze

The Conservative-led Government has again given Lambeth and Southwark councils an incentive grant to freeze council tax for local residents. This is the fourth year in a row that the Conservatives have allocated a Tax Freeze Grant, which amounts to over £10 million in total.  Pegging council tax for four years has saved households hundreds of pounds.

Mayor Boris Johnson has also cut his share of council tax in London for the second year in a row. This means Londoners will actually have lower council tax bills this year thanks to the Conservatives. Even so, Lambeth residents pay an average of £543 a year MORE in council tax than residents in Conservative-controlled Wandsworth.  Labour Lambeth's mismanagement and inefficiency raises costs year on year.  As an example Lambeth has currently failed to collect over £38 million worth of council tax.  Lambeth and Southwark's taxpayers pick up the bill for Labour's failures.


Graham Pycock, chairman of the Conservative Policy Forum said “I’m pleased that the Conservatives continue to help local residents through these tough times with the government's council tax freeze and a council tax cut from the Mayor of London. As council tax payers and users of council services we get a rotten deal from Labour.  Highly paid Labour councillors have been in power for far too long; it's time for a change.  The Conservatives will promote the local economy, cut the waste and give power to local people".