Protecting Our War Memorials

Thurlow Park Councillors Clare and John Whelan have been at the forefront of action to prevent the further desecration of our war memorials and other heritage from scrap metal theft. John tabled an all party motion to Lambeth Council urging officers to take action after serious metal thefts from Lambeth and West Norwood Cemeteries. Meanwhile, Clare is seeking a solution for better regulation of scrap metal dealers through the Environment Board of the Local Government Association.

Supporting new green initiatives

Thurlow Park’s Conservative councillors are continuing to support new street market initiatives including the West norwood Feast, a new monthly festival of cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives including an artisans’ market, food fair, gardeners corner and retro village.

Labour u-turn on Lambeth parking zone review

Labour Lambeth has angered residents from Brockwell Park to York Hill in West Norwood by abandoning its pledge to review the extension to the Tulse Hill Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) introduced in early 2010. The promised review was first postponed until April 2011 but has now been abandoned. Many residents are plagued by displacement of vehicles from the CPZ into their residential roads and others wanted the hours of operation re-considered.

Lewis Robinson cuts cost of calls on College Road

College ward Conservative Councillor Lewis Robinson was astonished when he saw the size of bills for building work given to leaseholders at Crystal Court, College Road. Labour-controlled Southwark Council demanded that residents pay £30,000 for each flat and sometimes more just to keep the block ship-shape. Lewis took up the fight and saved residents a substantial sum of money.