Time for a Fair Deal for Dulwich

Over the last four years Southwark’s Labour Council has centralised powers and decision making at their London Bridge Town Hall – leaving Dulwich out on a limb. Dulwich is not just leafy lanes, and many local residents feel they don’t get a fair deal from Southwark’s Labour Council who are more interested in Bermondsey and Peckham. Since 2010 Labour have closed local day care centres and plan to relocate the service to Peckham, stripped Dulwich councillors of local decision making powers, and hoarded huge cash reserves at the Town Hall.  Labour opposes the establishment of new primary schools out of political dogma when the South of the Borough is crying out for new school places.


Local Conservative Councillors will return powers and decision making to Dulwich and make sure you get a Fair Deal for Dulwich.


The Fair Deal for Dulwich offered by the Conservatives includes:


  • Establish new primary schools in both Crystal Palace and Dulwich to cope with the desperate need for more school places – and provide choice for parents.
  • Protect the unique character and green spaces of Dulwich from overdevelopment – the “green lungs of Dulwich” is the reason many families chose to live here.
  • Cut the cost of living – lower the Council Tax and stop hoarding cash reserves at London Bridge – spend them instead on local front line services.
  • Fight for a fair deal with leaseholders – bring an end to the remorseless rises in service charges levied on council leaseholders over the past four years.
  • Help the vulnerable and the elderly by improving our local health and public transport services.