Taxpayers Money Spent on ‘Labour Election Leaflets’

For the third time this year the Labour administration that runs Lambeth Council has spent taxpayers money on a party political campaign. Labour have this time used our money to publish a free magazine called “Benefit Focus”, the magazine includes an article entitled “Success in Beating the Bedroom Tax”.

This is not the first time that Lambeth Council have wasted Taxpayers money in this way. Last month they launched a sick ad campaign with the sounds of a child choking in the background against the closure of Clapham Fire Station and earlier this year they wasted Taxpayers money on another ad campaign against changes to the benefit system. Mayor of London Boris Johnson has since announced that Clapham Fire Station will not be closing.

Luke Tryl, a Member of the Thurlow Park Conservative Action Team said “At a time of deep public-spending cuts it is disgusting for the reckless Labour Council in Lambeth to spend taxpayers money on something that is little more than a Labour party leaflet. If Labour want to continue to scare monger about benefit changes then they should use their Trade Union money not our taxpayers money”.

Luke added “Council Tax for a band D property in Lambeth is over £500 higher than the same band in Conservative Controlled Wandsworth Council. This shows how irresponsible and wasteful Labour are in Lambeth, residents in Lambeth face a clear choice next May, a choice between recklessness and irresponsibility that forces you to pay more Council Tax or a Conservative Council that will provide value for money”.

Lambeth Conservatives are committed to ensuring that residents get clear, correct and impartial advice on changes benefits, however this magazine does none of this, it only makes people more worried about the future.