Sign community petition to make Council re-think proposed changes to Rosendale Road

We are deeply concerned by the number of residents in the Rosendale Road area of Dulwich who are very unhappy with Lambeth Council and TfL’s proposal to create a so-called Healthy Route along Rosendale Road. 

The local community has created a petition calling on the Council to re-think the plans, which we are urging Dulwich residents to sign. 

The proposal will involve changes to the road, including reduced vehicle access and a new segregated two-way cycle track between Brockwell Park and Myton Road.

While the local area needs a scheme that will reduce congestion, rat running and pollution, we have grave reservations about these plans proposed by Lambeth Council. Despite the importance of this project, and the likely potential disruption for local residents, the Council has once again failed to fully consult residents by giving them a proper opportunity to give their say. 

On Lovelace Road, many residents directly affected by the scheme did not receive any consultation leaflets on the proposals. Turney School - which is such a vital part of our community - was not consulted at all. 

We have spoken to other residents in the local area who have flagged issues such as:

  • Reducing road width will make it harder for vehicles to pass one another. This will increase congestion and pollution.
  • Stopping left and right turns for vehicles travelling south along Rosendale Road to the south circular, will increase rat running. This brings accompanying road-safety problems and noise on previously quiet streets. 
  • A two-directional cycleway on the east side of Rosedale Road, with a shared cycle and pedestrian pathway will create a very real danger for cyclists, pedestrians, road users, and even residents trying to exit their driveways. 
  • Loss of parking on the Rosendale Road shopping parades will threaten the viability of the shops, these shops are not just retail outlets, they are an integral part of the area   providing community hubs with local services, income and employment. 

While like many of you we fully support any measures to reduce pollution and improve the safety of local residents. But it has become clear this scheme needs to be given more scrutiny. We urge you to visit Lambeth Council’s website and give your views on the consultation before 29th February 2020.

We support the concerns of the community and urge you to sign their petition calling on Lambeth Council and TfL to withdraw the schemes as outlined and to think again about this controversial scheme.