Say no to scrap metal processing site in Norwood!

Southwark Metals has lodged an application to build a scrap metal processing site in the Norwood area. 

The chosen site is on Windsor Grove, just off Elder Road. This is very close to Kingswood Primary School, Park Campus and Windsor Close housing.

The creation of this new site will massively increase road traffic - including from diesel lorries - bringing much more pollution to the area and safety risks to residents. 

By their own estimation, Southwark Metals says 120 vehicles daily will enter and exit the site. 25% of these will HGVs, 40% smaller trucks, 35% light vans and cars. 

It is completely clear that West Norwood is no place for a scrap metal yard. 

We completely support the many concerns raised by local community groups, including Norwood Action Group, about this proposal. 

Please join us in voicing opposition to the proposal. You can do this by:

  1. Signing this petition - we really want to reach 2,500 signatures to send a clear message of oppositon to the Council.
  2. Submitting a comment on the planning proposal page on Lambeth Council's website.  

You have until Friday 5 June to make your comments. Every voice counts! 

Thank you!