Protect Our Children Campaign

Today I gave a speech about how we protect our children on the internet.

I want for your children what I want for mine: that they’re safe and that their innocence is protected.

If you agree with me that it’s time to step up our efforts on this, join our Protecting our Children campaign.

As I said today, there are two big things we’re going to do.



First, we’re going to help mums and dads stop their children looking at adult material. For too long, parents have been on their own in this fight.

So today we’ve announced big, new steps forward. In a nutshell, the internet providers have agreed to do much more to filter inappropriate images out – they are going to install family friendly filters automatically unless you, as a parent, say otherwise.



Second, we need to do much more to eradicate vile and illegal images of child abuse from the internet. As a Government we will boost police action, back the Internet Watch Foundation and ensure there is one database to pool intelligence.

At the moment, search engines aren’t doing enough. So today I’ve said loud and clear to Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest – they have got to stop letting people put in these disgusting search terms. If they don’t commit to action, or progress is too slow, we are already looking at how we can change the law to make them.

I want Britain to be the best place in the world to raise a family. That's why we need to take action now. Fundamentally this is about protecting childhood itself - few things matter more.


So please join our campaign today.