Lambeth Parking Charges Challenged

Figures from Lambeth Council reveal that the council has been forced to cancel tens of thousands of pounds in parking fines in each of the last three years after drivers successfully appealed against them. The cancelled fines were issued for breaking parking rules and for driving in bus lanes. This follows BBC Ones Inside Out reporting that enforcement officers in Camden and Ealing have claimed they are giving out “dodgy” parking tickets to fulfil quotas set by councils. Lambeth uses the same contractor for parking enforcement as Ealing and Camden .

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles is looking to reduce parking regulations and has warned councils that they should not be using parking tickets as a source of revenue. This is in contrast to the former Labour Government who encouraged councils to generate income from parking fines.

Local Conservative campaigner Luke Tryl said: “Treating motorist as cash cows is not only wrong but it also harms local high streets. We need policies that will bring more people to high streets such as in West Norwood ”. He added, “Not only are weak tickets a massive inconvenience for the innocent motorist but the appeal also costs the taxpayer money. Lambeth Council should get a grip and tell its contractor to focus on the serious offenders”.


Lambeth Council claim they do not have targets for their enforcement officers, but do have an expectation that the contractor should issue between 205,000 and 207,000 tickets each year.