Lambeth Council Spend Taxpayers Money on “Sick” Party Political advert

Labour run Lambeth Council have yet again wasted taxpayer’s money on party political advertising.


Labour run Lambeth Council have yet again wasted taxpayer’s money on party political advertising. The advert, uploaded on to Youtube, promotes the Councils opposition to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authorise Fifth draft safety plan, currently out for consultation and which includes the proposed closure of Clapham Common Fire Station. The advert has been labelled as sick by both supporters and opponents of the draft safety plan.

The advert shows a Childs toy self in a room filling with smoke and in the back ground has the sound of an infant chocking on the smoke from a fire. It has been condemned for seeking to use tragedy to promote a partisan viewpoint. Labour have made no pledges to spend more on fire services than is currently the case.

James Cleverly AM, the Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority said “I completely understand people are concerned, but the Council’s attempts to generate fear amongst its residents are disgusting. These posters are an ill-judged and irresponsible addition to a Lambeth campaign already marred by emotive misinformation. LFEPA and the Mayor will listen closely to the views of residents before any final decisions are made”.

This is the second time this year that Labour Run Lambeth Council has used tax payers money to fund their own party political campaigns. Earlier this year the Council funded a poster campaign attacking the Government changes to the benefits system.

Member of the Thurlow Park Conservative Action Team Luke Tryl said “At a time when Lambeth Council Libraries have been branded the worst in London and West Norwood Library is being taken over by squatters Lambeth Council should not be spending more money on partisan advert campaigns. This money should be re-invested in the community and in our services.”

In Labour-run Lambeth residents have to pay £543 more Council Tax (Band D) than in neighbouring Conservative controlled Wandsworth. Residents do not expect to see their money continually wasted on misleading party political campaigns.