Lambeth Council Reject Pay Packet Transparency

Labour run Lambeth Council have decided to reject new guidelines from the Department of Communities and Local Government aimed at making Town Hall pay packets more transparent. This is another example of Labour hypocrisy as they call for more transparency in other sectors but consistently fail to implement their preaching in their own back gardens.

Conservative Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles introduced new guidelines to ensure that all discussions about huge salaries and payouts (over £100,000) were discussed in the open by Councillors of all parties, however Lambeth Labour have decided they would rather discuss how they spend taxpayers money in secret.


Lambeth Council has 16 positions which it pays a salary of over £100,000 for. That’s £1,600,000 worth of taxpayers money being spent in secret. Lambeth Labour are spending over a million pounds a year which they are not held to account for. Local government minister Brandon Lewis said in a statement: “The taxpayers of Lambeth should take note that the ruling councillors have failed to get a grip on the town hall rich list. The council should be held to account for giving the green light to greater secrecy and uncontrolled pay packets for top bosses.”