Lambeth Council Fail Community on Local Libraries

Labour-Run Lambeth Council cannot be trusted with our local Libraries a new report has shown. At the same time as leaving West Norwood Library open for squatters to take over, the truth about Lambeth’s library service is revealed in the latest official profiles of London libraries where Lambeth is bottom of the 15 comparable boroughs on almost all measures, making Lambeth Libraries the worst in London.


The CIPFA statistics show Lambeth with the lowest book stock and issues, the lowest hours open and fewest computers, while having the highest overhead costs.  Lambeth also suffered the most dramatic budget cuts. You can see their report by following this link -


Local Thurlow Park Conservative Activist Graham Pycock has written to South London Press about West Norwood Library.  The letter was published in the paper on the 7th June but was amended slightly from the original text which is published below. 


The Editor

South London Press




Dear Sir,


As long expected, squatters have taken up residence in Lambeth Council’s boarded-up West Norwood Library and Nettlefold Hall (reported in last week’s SLP).  Cars are parked outside, squatters come and go, lights blaze with stolen electricity and the car park is littered with smashed-up kitchen equipment and furniture.  Labour Lambeth true to form.  The council closed the library in 2011 following nine separate raids, stealing copper from the roof.  Repair money was wasted time and time again, no thieves were caught, no enquiry was held, and the library is boarded up and squatted two years later. 


Fortunately, private enterprise has spotted a golden opportunity, and Ritzy Cinema intends to salvage the wreck.  The building is to be converted into a four-screen cinema complex.  The library and public meeting rooms will be crammed into the space left over.  In any case Labour has slashed the library budget by a whopping 40% (while councillors’ allowances are protected).  We now know that taxpayers will have to fork out half the cost of converting the building, because Ritzy has the council over a barrel. Most of us will welcome the Ritzy Cinema to Norwood (two years away), while deploring Lambeth’s crass mismanagement of the library and never ending inefficiency and waste.  Meanwhile Labour councillors squander more money promoting and praising themselves in the council’s ludicrous misinformation leaflets.  Such a brazen combination of bungling and boasting takes years of practice.  Labour has been in power too long.


Yours sincerely



Graham Pycock