Labour u-turn on Lambeth parking zone review

Labour Lambeth has angered residents from Brockwell Park to York Hill in West Norwood by abandoning its pledge to review the extension to the Tulse Hill Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) introduced in early 2010. The promised review was first postponed until April 2011 but has now been abandoned. Many residents are plagued by displacement of vehicles from the CPZ into their residential roads and others wanted the hours of operation re-considered.

Last year a delegation of concerned residents from Croxted Road addressed the council and they were promised subsequently in writing that the review of the scheme would take place in the financial year beginning in April 2011. Among the roads most in favour of the review were Elmcourt Road, Brockwell Park Gardens, the Deronda Road area, and Croxted Road.

Thurlow Park Ward Councillor John Whelan says: “Transport officers are now telling residents’ leaders that because of government cuts the review won’t happen at all. They must have known this all the time and were just stringing people along.

“Lambeth is wholly responsible for the side roads in the borough which has nothing to do with government grants so this makes its attempt to blame the Coalition government even more absurd.”