Labour Show No Remorse Over Needless and Costly By-Election

The arrogance and compliancy of the Lambeth Labour Party is yet again on show in the statement of persons nominated for the Knight’s Hill By-election as they have chosen the same person who caused this by-election as their candidate.

While Labour have selected someone who described this by-election as a ‘silly mistake’ without making any apology to local taxpayers who are having to foot the £15,000 bill for her ‘silly mistake’ the Conservatives have chosen local resident and community activist, Heidi Nicholson as their candidate.

Heidi has lived for more than 15 years in West Norwood, and for the past 7 in Kinght's Hill. Strongly committed to her local community, she has been a school governor at Kingswood Primary School, an independent trustee at The Elmgreen School and a trustee of Lambeth Crossroads. She has been the chair of the Norwood Forum and is the secretary of the Friends of Streatham Common. Heidi is also a London Ambassador and worked at Victoria during the 2012 Olympic Games. Currently working for an MP at the House of Commons, Heidi also has significant commercial experience in small businesses as well as FTSE-quoted companies and set up her own business. Fluent in Italian and French, she has also worked in Europe.


Heidi said “This by-election is needless, costly and could have been avoided if Labour Councillors were not so arrogant and assumed they are above the law. Adopting the same person who caused this by-election is a slap in the face to hard-working local people who pay their Council Tax only for Labour to blow it up the wall covering their candidate’s mistakes. To describe this as a ‘silly little mistake’ shows the contempt Labour have for the electorate as little mistakes don’t cost £15,000!”