Labour Just Don’t Get It

In his conference speech the Leader of the Labour party showed again that Labour just don’t get it. The Labour party conference has seen Labour pledge to borrow an extra £27.9 billion for unfunded spending commitments.  Since coming to office in 2010 the Conservatives have cut the deficit by a third, given a tax cut to 25 million hard working families, cut crime by 10%, brought welfare spending under control and overseen the creation of 1.4 million private sector jobs. David Cameron is leading a Government for hard working people; a Government lead by Ed Miliband would lead to higher taxes and more borrowing.   Chairman of Dulwich& West Norwood Conservatives Andrew Gibson said “Instead of apologising to the British people for causing the deepest recession since the war Labour have decided to continue to attack the Conservatives for taking the tough decisions required to clean up Labour's mess. Both crime and unemployment are at long-term lows yet Miliband and Labour would rather talk our country down”.