Labour Fail Lambeth Residents

Labour-run Lambeth Council is seeking to evict elderly residents from their homes across Lambeth, yet none of the elected Labour representatives for the area seem to care. This is despite their numerous attacks on the Governments decision to end the spare room subsidy.    The brunt of Labour's plans are being felt in Gipsy Hill ward where the three Labour ward councillors failed to make any representations to protect these residents; this is despite one of them being a senior cabinet member. In fact only one of the three ward councillors actually turned up to the meeting.    Gipsy Hill resident and Conservative activist Ali Kayikkiran aid “This is just another example of how Labour councillors in Lambeth are putting the views of their Leadership ahead of the views of those who elected them”.    


For more information on this issue you can see this article from a Lambeth resident on Conservative home -  West Norwood Conservatives have been campaigning to stop the planned closure of Queenswood court in Gipsy Hill ward