Labour Don’t Trust Local Residents

The Labour MP for Dulwich & West Norwood showed her lack of trust in the British people by refusing to back a new law paving the way for a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the European Union.   Conservative MP James Wharton moved his private members bill to put in law the Conservatives commitment to an In/Out referendum following the Prime Ministers renegotiation of the relationship. The British public overwhelmingly support this measure. But the Labour MP for Dulwich & West Norwood failed even to vote at all.  Chairman of Dulwich & West Norwood Conservatives Andrew Gibson said, “The Labour MP in Dulwich and West Norwood has failed local residents. Why should the public trust Labour when we have clearly seen that Labour do not trust local residents sufficiently to give them their long overdue vote on our relationship with the EU. Next May we have elections to the European Parliament. Of the major parties, only the Conservatives offer the prospect of constructive reform followed by the British people having their say."