Jowell criticised over 'Boris Bike' claims

Tessa Jowell MP, Chair of Ken Livingstone's campaign to be London Mayor, has been criticised after claiming in a recent online magazine article that London's 'Boris Bikes' are "mainly used by white men on salaries over £75,000, (and) are hardly stories of fairness".

Andrew GIbson, Chairman of Dulwich & West Norwood Conservatives, said: "There are two problems with Jowell's statement. First, it is not true. The Boris Bikes are used by people of diverse backgrounds and have been a great success. Indeed, Jowell's own Lambeth Labour colleagues have called for the expansion of the cycle scheme and this has been achieved by London Mayor Boris Johnson, who is keen to promote cycling. Second, Jowell's comments are divisive. Is there no place for successful white men in her vision of London? What other demographic groups would the Livingstone campaign seek to exclude?"

In its looseness with the facts and its attempt to divide Londoners, Jowell's absurd statement exemplifies all that is wrong with the Livingstone campaign.