Conservatives Oppose 200% Council Tax Increase Proposal

The Green Party in Brighton recently unveiled plans for a Mansion Tax that would hammer the households affected - many of them on only modest incomes. Nationally, the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties have toyed with similar proposals. The Green Party's so called Mansion Tax would see a 200% rise in Council Tax bills for people in what these parties consider large homes.


If such proposals were implemented, and the threshold were not indexed to house prices, residents in houses currently worth under £500k would soon find themselves paying thousands more each year in tax. Residents across Dulwich and West Norwood, notably in Thurlow Park and Herne Hill wards in Lambeth and College and Village wards in Southwark, would be hit hard by these proposals.


Conservative Councillor Michael Mitchell, who represents Village ward, said “This is complete nonsense from the Green Party. What Labour, the Lib-Dems and the Greens won’t tell you is that this is not a "Mansion Tax" at all. It is a 200% Council tax increase for hardworking people whose family home happens to have increased in value over the years. Many of these homeowners are on modest incomes”.


Thurlow Park Conservative Action Team member Irene Kimm added, “A clear difference now exists in British politics between the left who want to increase Council Tax by 200% and squeeze the pockets of hardworking families even tighter and the Conservatives who have frozen council for three years and are working hard to reduce the cost of living”.