Conservative-Led Government brings 71,000 new NHS Patient Appointments to Southwark

On Monday it was announced that the Conservative-led Government has given a pilot scheme in Southwark £975,278 in order to increase access to primary care across Southwark.

The Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund supports 45 practices and aims to provide better access to urgent care and other services to over 300,000 patients. Thanks to the additional money patients will be able to book appointments from 8am – 8pm seven days a week which will create 71,000 additional patient appointments each year. By increasing the opening hours of local GP surgeries there should be fewer patients going to local A&E departments.


Leader of Southwark Conservatives Cllr Michael Mitchell welcomed the news saying “There are a record number of people in work and they often find it difficult to see a GP within their current opening hours. It is good to see GP surgery opening hours are being increased to make that easier. A lot of pressure was put on A&E departments because people were unable to visit their local GP and I’m pleased to see the Government making funds available to combat this”.