Local News

Boris: Freedom Pass Pledge

Boris Johnson has today promised, if re-elected, he will extend the Freedom Pass to Londoners aged 60 years or older, reversing the decision taken by Ken Livingstone's Labour to raise the age at which Londoners are entitled to free travel.The move rewards those who have worked hard, paid their taxes, done the right thing and were entitled to expect their ticket to free travel on turning sixty - anywhere, anytime, any place in Greater London.

Lighting on West Dulwich station footpath

Responding to concerns raised by local residents that a number of street lights are currently out of order on the footpath running alongside the northbound line at West Dulwich train station, local Councillor Lewis Robinson has contacted Southwark's street lighting department to get them repaired.

Lambeth Council 'riddled with fraud'

Labour-controlled Lambeth Council is riddled with tax evasion, benefit fraud, false accounting and theft. This is according to a report submitted to Lambeth Council’s corporate committee in January 2012 with up to 30 officers investigated for various wrongdoing in 2010 and 2011.  Of those, five were found guilty of fraud and 19 were disciplined for professional misconduct.

Message from Your Conservative London Assembly Candidate Michael Mitchell

Mayor Boris is backing West Norwood and that’s good for our community and shows that Boris doesn’t fall for Labour’s focus on Brixton. Boris is giving us £310,000 to support a range of measures designed to help regenerate businesses on Norwood Road. This will build on the enthusiasm of local traders and friends groups and make the most of Norwood’s independent and historic assets.

Lambeth Council fail to tackle flytipping

Lambeth Council's incompetence has led to disatrous flytipping, according to residents on Clive Rd, Gipsy Hill ward. A dilapidated house was left undeveloped, allegedly becuase of the council's slowness in processing a planning application. Tons of rubbish was subsequently dumped on the site, spilling onto the pavement and posing potential safety risks.

Dulwich and West Norwood Conservatives launch new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.

Rosendale Playing Fields Clean Up

A ‘green team’ of 14 volunteers from fast food chain McDonald’s has helped to restore the overgrown tennis and netball courts at the Rosendale Playing Fields. Local Conservative Councillors Clare and John Whelan worked with a teacher at Rosendale Primary School to find a solution when Lambeth Council bureaucrats said there was "no money" to remove grass and moss from the courts which had become unplayable for young sports fans.

Clare Wins Possible Labour U-Turn on ‘Pavement Tax’

When Lambeth Council invoked an ancient by-law to draft a set of extortionate charges for café owners and businesses to use their privately owned pavement for tables and chairs, Clare went into action. Many business owners were worried these new charges would literally put them out of a livelihood and force some shops to close. Among those in the vanguard of the protest was Tea West at the Rosendale Road shopping parade and Kahvah in West Norwood but the protest then spread borough wide.

Protecting Our War Memorials

Thurlow Park Councillors Clare and John Whelan have been at the forefront of action to prevent the further desecration of our war memorials and other heritage from scrap metal theft. John tabled an all party motion to Lambeth Council urging officers to take action after serious metal thefts from Lambeth and West Norwood Cemeteries. Meanwhile, Clare is seeking a solution for better regulation of scrap metal dealers through the Environment Board of the Local Government Association.

Supporting new green initiatives

Thurlow Park’s Conservative councillors are continuing to support new street market initiatives including the West norwood Feast, a new monthly festival of cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives including an artisans’ market, food fair, gardeners corner and retro village.