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Wrong, Ed

Today it was announced that unemployment has fallen again, by 57,000 in the last quarter, and the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance is lower than at the General Election. This is good news for Britain and encouraging news for the economy - but bad news for Ed Miliband.

Labour Don’t Trust Local Residents

The Labour MP for Dulwich & West Norwood showed her lack of trust in the British people by refusing to back a new law paving the way for a referendum on the UK’s relationship with the European Union. 

Chancellor’s tax freeze help welcomed

Dulwich & West Norwood Conservatives have welcomed the announcement today by the Chancellor, as part of his Spending Review, that he will help councils freeze council tax for the next two years.  Whilst awaiting details of the review’s wider implications for the county, the pledge was welcomed, particularly as it supports a key plank in the Conservative manifesto for Southwark, which promised a two year freeze in the county councils share of council tax.  The final decision on council tax levels will be taken by councillors from all parties at a full council meeting in February.

Cllr Whelan saves local estate over £9,000

Conservative Councillors in Lambeth work hard all year round to get residents heard and save the community money. Cllr Clare Whelan recently helped one local estate in Thurlow Park ward save minimum of £9,000 in repairs.

Lambeth Council Reject Pay Packet Transparency

Labour run Lambeth Council have decided to spend £1,600,000 of taxpayers money behind closed doors by rejecting new guidelines from the Department of Communities and Local Government aimed at making Town Hall pay packets more transparent. This is another example of Labour hypocrisy.

Redevelopment of the Old Dairy Road site

Cllr Clare Whelan (Lambeth) and Cllr Lewis Robinson (Southwark) have both worked hard to ensure residents views are heard and listened to for the redevelopment of the Old Dairy Road site. 

Redevelopment of the Old Dairy Road site

Cllr Lewish Robinson (College Ward - Southwark) and Cllr Clare Whelan (Thurlow Park - Lambeth) have ensured that local residents are heard and represented the plans for the Dulwich estate. 

Lambeth Council Spend Taxpayers Money on “Sick” Party Political advert

Labour run Lambeth Council have again used Taxpayers money to fund a Labour party campaign. This time they have created a video about the proposed closure of Clapham Fire Station which has been condemned as “sick”. This is the second time this year Lambeth Council have used taxpayers money to fund party political advertisement.

Lambeth Council Fail Community on Local Libraries

Labour-Run Lambeth Council cannot be trusted with our local Libraries a new report has shown. At the same time as leaving West Norwood Library open for squatters to take over, the truth about Lambeth’s library service is revealed in the latest official profiles of London libraries where Lambeth is bottom of the 15 comparable boroughs on almost all measures, making Lambeth Libraries the worst in London. Thurlow Park Conservatives Ward Chairman Graham Pycock has written to South London Press regarding the situation as West Norwood Library.  

Conservatives Launch Europe Referendum Campaign

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps has launched a new campaign to show support for a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU. Show your support for the bill and help put pressure on the local Labour MP who is likely to oppose the bill and deny you your say on Europe!