Local News

Southwark Council Opt Out of Stop and Shop Time Extension

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that drivers will now have an extra ten minutes to park in red route parking bays taking the time allowed to park from 20 minutes to 30 minutes which will boost trade on our local high streets, except in Southwark where the Labour run Council have opted out of the time scheme.   

Wonga Tax Misses the Point

The Labour Party continues to propose ideas that won’t work and could have serious adverse consequences for hardworking people. Yesterday in Southwark the Labour Leader Ed Miliband announced that a Labour Government would introduce yet another tax - a 10% levy of payday lenders. Sadly, the Labour party just don’t get it. People turn to payday lenders because they offer instant loans for small amounts, so families whose incomes fall just short one month can get by. 

Lambeth Parking Charges Challenged

 Figures from Lambeth Council reveal that the council has been forced to cancel tens of thousands of pounds in parking fines in each of the last three years after drivers successfully appealed against them. The cancelled fines were issued for breaking parking rules and for driving in bus lanes. This follows BBC One’s Inside Out report that enforcement officers in Camden and Ealing have claimed they are giving out “dodgy” parking tickets to fulfil quotas set by councils. Lambeth uses the same contractor for parking enforcement as Ealing and Camden . 

Time for a Fair Deal for leaseholders in Southwark

Dulwich Conservative Councillor Lewis Robinson has welcomed the call by Eric Pickles yesterday to stop “leaseholders being ripped off by inefficient municipal landlords”, who are being charged ever rising service and major works charges

Labour Just Don’t Get It

In his conference speech the Leader of the Labour party showed again that Labour just don’t get it. The Labour party conference has seen Labour pledge to borrow an extra £297.9 billion for unfunded spending commitments. 

Unemployment Falls Again

More good news on the economy came this week with news that unemployment has again fallen. The national unemployment rate is currently 7.7%, which is a drop of 240,000 in unemployment. The continued fall in unemployment is a good sign that the economy is on the mend after years of Labour mismanagement. Welcoming the news both the Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne urged MPs not to get complacent saying that there is “still a long way to go”.

Lambeth and Southwark worse for air quality in South-London

Figures released last week show that Labour-controlled Lambeth and Southwark have the worst air quality figures in South London, while areas such as Conservative Controlled Bexley and Bromley are among the best in London.  

Conservatives Oppose 200% Council Tax Increase Proposal

The Green Party in Brighton has joined Labour and the Liberal Democrats in calling for a new “Mansion Tax”. If implemented, this would leave some average income households in Dulwich & West Norwood facing a 200% increase in their Council Tax bills.

Don’t Close Queenswood Court

Gipsy Hill Conservative Action Team are helping the community in Queenswood Court (Hamilton Road) supported housing complex after the Labour Ward Councillors refused to help the residents, who face removal under Labour’s plan to sell the site to developers.  

Conservatives Seek High Street Boost

Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson has launched a consultation on extending the time drivers are allowed the park in Stop and Shop bays. The announcement follows plans unveiled by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to reduce parking restrictions. Both hope that by reducing parking restrictions we can boost trade for places like West Norwood High Street