Local News

Claimant Count Down by 22.8% in Dulwich & West Norwood

This week there has been more good economic news as more evidence emerges that the Conservatives long term economic plan is working locally as once again the claimant count in Dulwich and West Norwood has continued to fall with more people finding work. 

Conservatives deliver Council Tax Freeze

The Conservative-led Government has again given Lambeth and Southwark councils an incentive grant to freeze council tax for local residents. This is the fourth year in a row that the Conservatives have allocated a Tax Freeze Grant, which amounts to over £10 million in total.  Pegging council tax for four years has saved households hundreds of pounds.

Inflation Back on Target

Figures show that inflation in the UK fell to 1.9% and is now at its lowest level in over six years. Last month inflation fell to 2%, bringing it back in target for the first time since the 2008 economic crash. This is yet another sign that the Conservatives' long term economic plan is working in turning round the economic mess left by the last Labour Government. 

Conservatives Call on Labour to Silence ‘Lambeth Talk’

Lambeth Conservatives are calling on Labour-run Lambeth Council to comply with new regulations around newsletters printed by Town Halls. Labour controlled Lambeth Council have been affectively using taxpayers money to fund Labour party campaigns through the council’s monthly magazine ‘Lambeth Talk’. 

Conservatives support local shops

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne yesterday announced new support for small businesses. The commitments show that the Conservative-led Government is supporting the local businesses that are the life blood of our economy and is welcome news ahead of small business Saturday, which is tomorrow (7th December).  

Labour Fail Lambeth Residents

Labour-run Lambeth Council is seeking to evict elderly residents from their homes across Lambeth, yet none of the elected Labour representatives for the area seem to care. This is despite their numerous attacks on the Governments decision to end the spare room subsidy.