Brockwell Park Events plans

We've yet to see the final decisions and you'd hope that Lambeth did some serious listening at the Herne Hill Forum event of 18th Jan, which we like hundreds of other local concerned residents attended. We're not against events in Brockwell Park, but are asking that what happens in the park is proportionate -ie on a scale that the park, the council and local people can all cope and potentially have some fun too!

None of that looks likely on initial plans.

As ward councillors for Village Ward in Southwark, that directly abuts the park (along the Norwood Road ) should any events go ahead, we see our role as encouraging Southwark Council to work with Lambeth to minimise any potential negative impacts of the events on local residents and businesses.

More than 300 Southwark residents signed Brockwell Streets petition protesting against the scale of proposed events.

If you are a Southwark resident, particularly from Village Ward please do alert us to any issues you would like to raise.

Cllrs Lyons and Mitchell

Village Ward Councillors;

January 2018