Get involved

If you share our passion about making Dulwich & West Norwood a better place, why not help us to achieve it?

There are loads of ways in which you can get involved – from delivering leaflets in your road or attending social events to becoming an active campaigner in your local community. If you want to help in any way, however small, get in touch using the contact details below.

For just £25 a year (or £5 if you're 22 or under), you can play a major role in the Conservative Party. You can join Dulwich & West Norwood Conservatives by downloading the form at the bottom of the page and returning it to us.


Why join?

Theresa May and the Conservative Party are busy cleaning up the mess left by Labour and building a better Britain.

But we need the help of everyone in this country to do so.

Labour don't want to tackle the problems they created - the debt crisis, the broken society, the red tape that shackles our public services. And they are using funds from the trade unions to campaign against positive changes we want to make to Britain.

By joining as a member, or making a donation today, you'll be helping us maintain a strong, effective campaigning presence that will allow us to take the fight to Labour and get our message out, both locally and nationally. With your support we can change Dulwich and West Norwood for the better.


Been a member previously?

To renew your membership with Dulwich and West Norwood Conservative Association, please contact Heahter Neale on 020 8670 0677 or email


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