About West Norwood

West Norwood is one of the most culturally and socially diverse parts of London. A Roma community gave their name to Gipsy Hill during Elizabethan times and the “market” at the end of Chestnut Road predates the Industrial Revolution. For the last 200 years, since the first horse buses journeyed down from the City of London, prosperous suburban commuters have lived side-by-side with ordinary workers.

The improved travel links of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries cultivated a vibrant artistic centre in West Norwood: home to aspiring actors, actresses and musicians living along the night bus routes from the West End. That creative scene was recognised with the commissioning of the multi-purpose Nettlefold Hall, which was opened by Princess Margaret in 1969 with a great fanfare. That creative legacy will hopefully live on in the facilities being rebuilt by the South London Theatre in the Old Fire Station

West Norwood Conservative Action Team is building upon this proud heritage and wants your views about where we should next take West Norwood:

Once upon a time it was a high tech manufacturing centre with a world-class technical college. Could it become a creative hub for world-class multi-media without the overheads of Shoreditch?

How do we make it, once again, a location of choice to bring up a family without fear of crime?

How do we restore facilities to enable us all to grow old locally, from parking and shopping facilities for the elderly, whether technically disabled or not?

What should our priorities be?